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P&MS cooperation with Steinbach Schiffstechnik for the Benelux

P&MS has entered into a partnership with Steinbach Schiffstechniek (SI Schiffstechnik)for the BeNeLux since Q4 2022.

Steinbach Schiffstechnik is an agent for Brunvoll Propulsion and Maneuvering Systems and Norwegian Greentecht for Northern Germany and BeNeLux.

P&MS - SI Schiffstechnik.jpg

Propulsion & Maneuvering System

Norwegian Greentech

Ballast Water Managment Systems

M/S Alcor

M/S Alcor

A very economical and well-maintained ship with excellent maneuverability and sailing characteristics. Everything is within reach in the wheelhouse and is very conveniently equipped with air conditioning and sunshades all around the windows. .The ship has a very neat and spacious living area, with 3 SLK and a modern kitchen including air conditioners in the living room and master bedroom. Both the engine room fore and aft are very neat and the machinery is very well maintained. The 2 holds are very easy to maintain and clean. She is also equipped with a well-functioning car-crane. In other words, a great ship for a starting entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who wants to take it a bit easier.

If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact

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